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About us

Company T+S Sp. z o.o. is a subsidiary of the Alumetal Group. We manufacture and sell auxiliary   materials for:

the foundry industry (protective-refining slag for   aluminium and copper alloys, modifiers and refiners,   calcium, magnesium and sodium eliminators,   tempering salts, preparations for furnace coating,   cleaning and de-slagging),

the metallurgical industry (insulating powders,   insulating-refining powders, calcium, starting-up   casting powders for electric arc furnaces with an   eccentric bottom tapping (EBT), ladle slide gate filling   compounds, desulphurising powders, synthetic slag,   granular and briquetted steel deoxidisers),

– and we also sell chemical raw materials   (ammonium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium   chloride, aluminium fluoride, calcium fluoride,   cryolite).

Our experienced, skilled and creative professionals  are always at our customers’ disposal taking their  individual needs into consideration.  Experience, high production capacity, flexibility and timely order processing are qualities that make us a   reliable and trustworthy business partner.  The quality of our products, delivery timeliness,   competitive pricing and continuous improvement   according to our customers’ needs are the key issues   to our company.

The future

Our production development plan and all anticipated   investments are aimed at developing new products   and improving auxiliary component technology in   casting and metallurgical processes.  Technical and technological solutions, along the   development of the metallurgical and casting   industry, are our priority.  We take care of our state-of-the-art machinery stock   by constantly modernizing it. Our machines have   recently been supplemented by a new briquetting   machine and we are planning to purchase granulation


Continuous progress in steel (and non-ferrous   metals) making technology, constant changes in   casting and changing trends in modern metallurgy   are factors contributing to the development of the   production of related auxiliary materials. In order to   meet our customers’ expectations we are introducing   into the market such modern products as slag,   modifiers, refiners, calcium, magnesium and sodium   eliminators, tempering salts, preparations for furnace   coating and cleaning, insulating powders, insulating- refining powders, ladle nozzle filling compounds,   desulphurising powders and steel deoxidisers.  All our products are developed and implemented   in close cooperation with experts as well as casting   house engineers.  As we constantly introduce technological innovations,   we realise special orders tailored to the individual   needs of our customers, in addition to standard   products. In the future we would like to produce our materials in granulated form.




Environmental Management

In our company, as in the whole Alumetal Group, environmental protection is a strategic concept. This results in an extremely broad spectrum of issues and problems specifically related to industrial plants which profit from the environment. For these reasons the environment is a priority issue for T+S Sp. z o.o.. Our operations are based on the principle of sustainable development and in accordance with statutory requirements on the protection of the environment. Being aware of our location – on the edge of the Beskid Mountains – we fully understand the effect we have on the environmental. Therefore, we declare to systematically improve our technology and use modern protection strategies to reduce the harmful impact on the environment.

Environmental Policy

For the sake of our environment, the proximity of the town of Kęty and the Beskid Mountains, we are trying to operate and develop our company with respect for the natural environment by acting in accordance with the applicable regulations. We promise to plan and implement new technological solutions with the least adverse environmental impact. Our priority environmental targets include:

air protection
soil protection against the negative effects of waste

We pursue them primarily by educating our staff on current environmental policy activities: the use of environmentally-friendly technologies, reduction of the consumption of resources, minimization of waste materials and their reuse.

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