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Environmental Protection


In our company, as in the whole Alumetal Group, environmental protection is a strategic concept. This results in an extremely broad spectrum of issues and problems specifically related to industrial plants which profit from the environment. For these reasons the environment is a priority issue for T+S Sp. z o.o.. Our operations are based on the principle of sustainable development and in accordance with statutory requirements on the protection of the environment. Being aware of our location – on the edge of the Beskid Mountains – we fully understand the effect we have on the environmental. Therefore, we declare to systematically improve our technology and use modern protection strategies to reduce the harmful impact on the environment.


For the sake of our environment, the proximity of the town of Kęty and the Beskid Mountains, we are trying to operate and develop our company with respect for the natural environment by acting in accordance with the applicable regulations. We promise to plan and implement new technological solutions with the least adverse environmental impact. Our priority environmental targets include:

  • air protection
  • soil protection against the negative effects of waste

We pursue them primarily by educating our staff on current environmental policy activities: the use of environmentally-friendly technologies, reduction of the consumption of resources, minimization of waste materials and their reuse.

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